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Novelah APK Download – Novelah is the #1 Book reading platform that offers thousands of novels and stories of various genres.

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Are you a reading enthusiast and looking for an app that offers the best collection of novels from various genres like Historical Fiction, Science fiction, Mystery, Fiction, Short story, Nonfiction, Horror, Romance, Thriller, and many more? Then you must try Novelah APK, a free-to-download Android app with thousands of novels and many advanced features that enhance users’ reading experience.

Nowadays, people have become addicted to watching screens and even the trend of reading physical books is being replaced by reading books on digital screens. However, adapting new technologies is important. There are many advantages to reading books on an Android phone such as it is highly portable and users can read books anytime, anyplace. There is no need to carry physical copies.

Novelah has a collection of more than 10,000 novels from all genres and users can read the reviews of books before starting reading to get a better understanding of the novel. The app comes with a modern user interface. All the categories such as Action, Horror, Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, etc are on the top of the screen so check on any category to find similar novels.

The home page of this app shows all the books according to users’ interests. If you like any book and you want to read the book later then you can add the book to your library and easily find the book from the library section in the app. All the features that we have explained above are just the tip of the iceberg because there is a lot more to explore in this app which you can find out as you read the whole blog post so stay tuned.

What is Novelah APK

Novelah Apk offers a comprehensive selection of novels across various genres. Explore the platform to discover captivating stories that cater to all literary preferences. The app lets people immerse themselves in a world of literature and enjoy an enhanced reading experience. There are hundreds of book-reading apps available on the Google Play Store but this app stands out of them and provides better features and book collections.

A lot of information about the book you can find before started reading. You can see the total words written in the book, most novels are written 70,000 to 80,000 words. You can also see the name of the author who published the book and when you tap on the author’s name then you will see the list of all the books that the author has published.

The user-friendly interface and advanced search options of this app enable users to easily find the perfect novel. Simply, click on the search icon and type the name of the novel or author to find the book, and then click on it to start reading.

Explore the vast library that will keep you hooked until the very last page.

Features of Novelah APK

Novelah is a free platform for reading enthusiasts that offers thousands of ebooks, novels, and stories that you can read in this app. Despite being a free app, it comes with many advanced features that are not even available in many subscription-based apps.

Create Library

In this app, you can easily create a library of your favorite novels. When you open any novel, there is an option of adding the book to the library. Readers can explore their library from the Follow option in the bottom navigation bar. You can add unlimited books and novels to the library.

Night Mode

Reading books at night is a very good habit for getting good and high-quality sleep but the bright light of the screen can hurt human eyes so must enable dark mode while reading novels in the Novelah Apk. This will make the user interface of the app darker and more comfortable to protect your eyes.

Customization Options

Users can customize the reading experience for optimal comfort. You can easily change the background & text color, adjust the font size and also adjust the brightness directly from the app. Users can also increase or decrease the letter height and readers can enhance their overall enjoyment of the text.


Invite Friends and Earn Points

Click on the invite option in the middle of the navigation bar and share the app with your friends and family. If anyone downloaded this app from your link, you will get some points that you can eventually spend to unlock exclusive books and more chapters in the novels.


Novelah is widely popular in many countries like Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and many more. The app supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Filipino, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc. It offers users the opportunity to read books in their preferred language to easily understand the context of the book.

Ratings & Reviews

The app also has a rating system that allows readers to see the reviews of every novel. Checking reviews before started reading the book also helps users to find whether the novel actually worth reading and how many people like or dislike the book. After reading the book, you can rate it and express your true feeling about the novel so that it would be helpful for other users.


Reading History

It automatically saves the chapters that you have completed so that when you open the app and want to continue the book from when you exit last time then simply go to the reading history and then you will see all the books which you read in this app. Click on the continue reading option to open the book from where you exit last time.


Updated Library

Many new books and novels are consistently added to this app by the developers so that users never get bored by the content and always find something fresh and exciting that keep users attached to this app. To read the newly added books, click on the ranking section and tap on new to find all the new books in this app.

Offline Reading

Open the novel that you want to read and click on the download icon at the top of the screen to download the book offline on your device so that you can read it anytime and anywhere. When the mobile data is turned on the messages, notifications, and emails ruin the user’s reading experience so if you want interruption-free reading then it is better to download the book and then turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi and then start reading the novels.

Novelah APK

Download Novelah APK Latest Version

App NameNovelah APK
Size29 MB
Compatibility4.4 or above
Total Installs10 Million+
Last Update1 November 2023

How to Download Novelah APK For Android

Only downloading Novelah Apk is not enough, you also have to install the APK file on your device and only then you will be able to use this app. Below is the step-by-step tutorial that you can follow to avoid any errors while downloading and installing this app.

Novelah Apk Install

First thing first, click on the download button to download the APK file form our website (

Novelah Apk Install

Once you get the APK file then start the installation process by enabling unknown sources. Open the settings and click on security then turn on the unknown sources of app installation.

Novelah Apk Install

Now, open the file manager and locate the folder where you have stored the Novelah Apk file.

Novelah Apk Install

Click on the APK file and install the app.

Novelah APK Free Download

Open it and allow all the necessary permissions to make it work on your device and enjoy reading your favorite novels.

Allow Unknown Sources

The official version of the Novelah app is not available on the Google Play Store right now. If you want to download this app on your device then you have to enable the Unknown sources of app installation on your device. Allowing unknown sources, enabled your device to install apps from sources other than the Play Store.

To enable this option, open your Android phone’s settings option and then click on the security settings. Now, you will see an option labeled Unknown Sources so tap on it to enable it. Now, you’re ready to install Novelah app on your smartphone.

How to Use Novelah

Novelah is a digital book reading platform that provides users with a customizable reading experience which means users can adjust several things that matter the most while reading a book such as font size, background color, line height, and many more. When you open the app, you will see many book options in front of the screen and as you scroll down you will explore more books of various genres and if you want to see the book of a specific genre then click on the preferred category option from the top of the screen to see the content of a specific category that you have chosen.

Click on any novel that you want to read and then you will see a start reading option and when you tap on it the book will be opened. Scroll down or swipe left to see the next page of the book. When you quit the app in between reading and then want to read the same book from where you left it last time then go to the ‘Me’ option and then click on Reading History then you will the book that you can read so simply tap on it the book will open from where you quit it last time.

Novelah Apk Latest Version

Most Popular Novels in Novelah APK

Here are the top-picked novels that you can check out in Novelah APK:

  • A Place to Call Home
  • Their Transcendence
  • Message Sending… Failed! Hearts Attached.
  • The Story of Dystopia
  • While I Was Sleeping
  • Bloody Friendship
  • The Married CEO and I
  • Deliver Me To You

Advantages of Using Novelah APK

Now, you no longer need to purchase physical copies of every book. Just download the Novelah Apk and enjoy unlimited novels for free. Let’s take a deep dive to check out all the advantages that come with this book-reading application.

  • User-Friendly Interface: This app comes with a very simple and straightforward interface. It is very easy to find and search for a specific novel and there are many features available for a personalized reading experience.
  • Share With Friends: If you like any novel and want to share it with your friends and family then simply click on the share button and you can share the book through all social media platforms.
  • Discuss Reviews: Users can discuss to each other about the novel. You can like and reply to other’s reviews about the book and share your experience.
  • Frequently Updates: The content in this app is regularly updated and many new books are continuously added to this app so that users don’t get bored.
  • Invite & Eran Points: Click on the invite button in this app and you will get an invitation code and app link so share the link and code with your friends and when they download the app by your link and use your invitation code then you will get 180,000 points which you can use to unlock more books and novels.

Disadvantages of Using Novelah APK

It is our responsibility to show users both sides of the app. Above we talked about the pros of this book reading app and here we have shared some cons of this app that you need to know before installing it on your device.

  • Locked Chapters: All the chapters of novels in this app are not fully unlocked, you can only read the first few chapters for free and then you need to spend points to unlock more pages and chapters.
  • Show Ads: This app contains ads. However, the ads will not interrupt users in between reading books so they are not annoying.
  • Collect Points: Users have to collect points by watching ads and completing daily tasks that are given in this app to earn free points which you can use to unlock chapters.
  • No Official Support: There is no support or contact option in this app so if you found anything wrong in this app then you have to deal with it on your own.

Novelah ML Diamond APK

Novelah also offers a feature called the bonus center from where you can earn free points by completing daily tasks, playing games, etc. Once, you collected at least 3.8 million points then you can redeem all the points as cash and ML diamonds. If you want ML diamonds in your Mobile Legends account then you have to enter your Mobile Legend account number correctly and within 5 working days diamonds will be sent to your game account and you can use it to unlock powerful heroes, weapons skins, etc. Download Novelah ML Diamond APK from the links provided on this webpage and start earning points today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Novelah APK Safe to Use?

Yes, Novelah app that we have shared on our website is completely safe and secure. Our team has tested the app using Virus Total and it successfully passed the test.

Is Novelah App Available For IOS?

Novelah app’s official version is available on IOS and it works on all iPhone, iPad, and iPod Pro devices that have IOS 13.0 or up.

Is there any Paid Subscription Required to access Books in Novelah APK?

No, There is no need to purchase any kind of subscription. This app is completely free to use and all the novels and books are freely accessible in this app.

Can I customize the reading experience within this app?

Yes, when you open any book in this app then you will see many customization options such as Font Size, Background Color, Dark Mode, Letter Height, Bookmark, Highlights and many more.

Does Novelah APK support different languages?

Yes, Novelah App support multiple language and users can easily change language from the settings of the app. Novelah is available in eight different languages right now including English, Bahasa Indonesia, Filipino, ภาษาไทย, Tiếng Việt, Español, Portugués, and 简体中文.

How to Update Novelah APK?

It is important to keep Novelah Apk updated to the latest version to get access to all the latest features and bugs fixed.


If you are a reading enthusiast and love to read novels and stories then Novelah Apk is a perfect choice for you. It comes with a huge collection of novels and stories and it allows users to customize their reading experience manually.

It provides convenient access to a vast library of interesting novels and stories of various genres, eliminating the need to carry physical copies. This app comes with many unique and helpful features like bookmarking, highlighting, and note-taking. This advanced online book reading app provides a contemporary and effective means of immersing oneself in literature, all while embracing the technological landscape of our modern world.

Here we have shared the latest and updated version of Novelah Apk which is an online platform that allows people to explore unlimited novels and books that you can read for free. I hope you have successfully downloaded this app from our website ( so share this application among your friends and family who love reading books.

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